is it summer?

today it got to 69 degrees and we are so loving it! heck, in Seattle that's a heat wave (ha ha, just kidding Seattle friends, kinda). :-)

it felt so nice to walk outside and not need a jacket, or socks for that matter! Tomorrow though its supposed to be back to 50 and the change that's going on with the weather has produced a very startling thunderstorm tonight! the dogs are wondering what in the heck is going on? The house is brightening up like daylight from the bolts of lightening every few minutes and the rain and thunder just make it too much for them to handle sitting down!

Things are good with us. Haven't written in a bit since we haven't really done anything blog worthy! Oh wait--we did get the boat even more ready for a water launch! we re-did the walls and re-covered all window valances (looks great) in the bedrooms and main cabin area. We got all new bedding and its been so fun getting everything set up in our "mini-house".
This weekend we will install all the valances etc and do a bit more work to get it ready for the water.

Still in the wedding planning mode and if I didn't mention it, it is so FUN! But I think I did mention that. :-)

Short entry today--just to say hi. Thanks everyone for reading and we can't wait for all of you planning to visit this summer!

Just for fun, here are some cute pics of the dogs. Frank the crazy driver and Ollie's cute face.


  1. ExportRyan said...

    Sites looking good!