1 day left...

... until we are lounging by the pool in Aruba! We are very much looking forward to this long weekend especially since neither of us have been to Aruba before. Tom took the entire week off and was at the boat for 12 hours today and tomorrow will most likely do the same. It is pretty much ready for the water now--save for a good spring cleaning on the inside (my job when we get back). The dogs are headed to the doggy spa while we are gone and it just kills us to send them there. Its a great place, but they don't seem to like it too much. We need to make some friends around here that love to babysit cute little dogs.

Spring in NJ has been so far so good for us. Some days its very warm and sunny, but other days cloudy and not so warm. We are below the average in temps which I hope will change soon. I saw them cleaning the pool today so that was a positive sign that summer is on the way--but honestly the winter wasn't that bad.

We will post some while in Aruba and of course look for pics.
Here are some to tempt you (and us).