Heat Wave!!

Have I mentioned how much we love living here??? My Seattle friends are all close to not speaking to me as we share weather reports each day. As I leave work each afternoon I am practically changing into shorts and flip flops as I walk to my car. My friends... they are grabbing the umbrella and scarves. Sucks to be them! :-) I paid my dues! I can speak freely on this!!

Seriously though, its great here. This is the most wonderful Spring we have had in a long time. It got to 79 today at the house and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer! Last year at this time, NYC had a record 8" of rain, in one day--so these warm temps are absolutley above average.

Tom was in Boston today and is on his way home now. Only a couple weeks until we launch the boat in the water... and oh yea, we changed the name. It was going to be Seattle Reign... but then we realized that that was a basketball team name in a defunct league that Seattle once had so we didn't want anyone to think we named the boat after that. After weeks of firing off different names (some pretty good I have to say) Tom came up with the winner. He wanted to name it after me in some way (so sweet) and he came up with DiNamic. Part Di and Di means 2 (tom and me) and Dynamic has just a great definition (look it up)!!

One last tidbit: When we were in Aruba we took a little video of some kite surfing at Baby Beach---the southern point of Aruba. The video is a bit jumpy at times (it was really windy there) but its interesting to see the kite rush hour going on. Be sure to watch close at the beginning for a major wipe-out. I added some music to it only because music makes everything a little bit better. Enjoy!
*music is by the band The Shins with an closing instrumental by the Beastie Boys.