the hampton's

happy Presidents day! hopefully everyone is looking forward to the elections in Nov. Its quite a conversation topic out here in the East and I love it!

Today Tom, the dogs and I decided to drive to the Hamptons to see what thats all about.
Because we were there just for the day, we only hit East Hampton and drove to pretty much the end of Long Island (where the "Hampton's" are). We saw beautiful, large homes and the beach was gorgeous. The waves were quite big today as a storm was on its way in (it hit tonight actually).

Its about a 3 hour drive from our place, but it was a nice one. Traveling through NY is always good--always something to see. We drove thru the Bronx and Queens in route to our destination.
East Hampton is nice. Pretty swanky, but since it is still the off season, the crowds were small. Some of the shops and most hotels are closed until mid April, but there were plenty of things to do and see. The dogs loved it and per usual, they became a reason for strangers to greet us on the street and discuss everything from the Westminster Dog Show to a doctor in the Hampton's that has created a practice solely for dachshunds and offers acupuncture for them (only in the Hampton's...).

We had a wonderful time and our weekend was very full! It got to 68 here in NJ today and it felt like spring (or summer in Seattle. haha). All the snow melted and we are seeing buds on the trees. We are supposed to get snow on Wed though... crazy weather!


  1. Robyn Harvey said...

    Hello Diana! Just wanted to stop by and let you know I always enjoy reading your's and Tom's blog. You two are sound like quite the traveller's, how wonderful. The Hamptons sound like quite a different world from Seattle. I am sure it was beautiful. Hope you are doing wonderful! Hope to chat or see you soon!
    :) Robyn Harvey  

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