Atlantic City

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! Today we were greeted with snow falling and it was beautiful. It didn't last long though as it warmed up, but that was ok as we were on our way to the Atlantic City Boat Show. Its about 2 hours away from us and a nice drive. Maybe because it is winter, but what I saw of the city didn't impress me. It was how I expected it actually--like Reno but with taller buildings. Now granted, we didn't hang out there and just drove through the main areas by Trump Tower and Caesar's etc so perhaps I am not giving it a chance. The one thing that we saw briefly that I cannot wait to get back to is the boardwalk. It too is just how I imagined: Wonderful! The sandy beaches surround the wood planked boardwalk with the ocean on one side and store shops selling salt water taffy (among other things) on the other. I made Tom promise that we'd go back here the 1st warm weekend we have so we can lay on the beach and stroll the boardwalk. (It sounds like I am in California, not South Jersey). So I am guessing in April I will have a much more detailed entry on this location! Here is some history on the famous boardwalk: it was built in 1870 and was just 12 feet wide and only intended to keep the sand out of the hotels. Today, it's 40 feet wide and stretches for more than 4 miles and is a main attraction in the NE. Here is a pic of an artists rendition that I like.

The boat show was a feast for the eyes! We saw tons of things to stick on our "want" list. We are currently replacing some of the electronics (more of a want than a need and if you know Tom, that makes perfect sense), recovering the couches, etc.

We brought the dogs on this road trip today and they loved the car ride! Most of the time they sit in the back seat and nap or look out the windows---until they get just too cute and I bring them to the front seat to sit with us! :-)

Not too much else happening. Tom heads on a road show Tuesday for work visiting Connecticut, DC and a couple other spots. Aside from a trip to Seattle in late Feb, he hopes (as do I) that the traveling slows down. I am super busy at work but love my job so I don't mind too much. My cousin Malea is coming to visit later this month so I am taking a couple days off to show her the city and I cannot wait!!!

Have a good rest of the weekend! I hope everyone in Seattle went out and voted...


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