cousin plug and cousin visit

hey everyone-- here is a plug for my cousin cortney and her blog that she just started. she and her boyfriend David are traveling to Japan in March for the famous cherry blossom viewing as well as just touring around. This will be amazing, she is a wonderful writer. she plans to keep the blog going long after the trip so for sure check her out for interesting travel and life tidbits. Cort lives in Hawaii, which in itself is blog worthy! I am so glad she is doing this! The link is to the right in the "other sites we like" column. the pic is of cort and I on our road trip to Sun Valley via the Sawtooth Mountains a few years ago.

Its COLD here! With the windchill its below 0! Tom is flying back tonight from a quick 2 day meeting on the West Coast.
Tomorrow--- I am SO excited---my cousin Malea from Seattle is coming to visit (some of you may be wondering "how many cousins does she have already??". Well--a lot.) and is staying until Monday. I am taking a couple days off from work and we are going to do the normal things I do when friends come to visit including play tourist in the city, go to a show, try and spy movie stars, purse shopping in china town and just taking in ALL that we can!! I will update the blog of course with our wacky adventures and associated pictures!


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