BIG weekend

We hope everyone is ready to cheer on the Giants as they attempt to make history tonight in what could be the biggest upset in Super Bowl history!! While we normally root for the Jets since moving out here, we are jumping on the Giant's bandwagon as frankly, its hard not to! Plus--the Jets didn't have the best season...

Yesterday we celebrated Tom's birthday (actually began the celebration Friday night with cake, presents, party hats, the whole nine yards) by spending some time on the boat and then heading into the city to see Grease on Broadway. It was a great show and we had pretty good seats! I don't think there is anyone who has NOT seen Grease the movie version so you can all relate to how infectious the songs are! (Sadly Grease II never compared to the fame of the original except for in Portland, OR in the early 80's where my sister, our friends Gina and Shannon and I LOVED it beyond words).

Here are a couple pics of the play!

Go Giants!
pics: greased lightning scene, summer nights (summer lovin') scene, grease II billboard (if you are curious...)


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