hybrids & high elevation in Utah

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Last Thursday I caught the early flight to Salt Lake City to meet up with two of my old high school buddies, Jean & Rachel. We three had a reunion road trip planned to Zion National Park via Park City to attend our friend Melissa's wedding in Zion.

When I got into Salt Lake (an hour early--thank you Delta) I had some time to kill before Rachel flew into town. I had been to Salt Lake about 10 years ago for a Husky game and had a chance to see some of the city and surrounding area. Salt Lake is small, but it is surrounded by mountains pretty much entirely which makes it look even smaller when viewing it from above--which is exactly what I did!

After picking up my hybrid rental car and taking like hours to start it (word to the wise---hybrids make NO noise until they are going like 25 mph. Who knew?) I drove to the highest point I could, within reason, and found a hike up to Ensign Peak. This place, as many places in Salt Lake, has religious significance to the large Mormon population, but to me it offered a spectacular view of the mountains and city.

After the hike and the wheezing, breathless reminder that Utah is at a much higher elevation than I have been used to on the East Coast, I caught my breath at a Starbucks then toured the city --drive by style--and saw the highlights.

Below is the Capital building that lies at the foothills of the mountain i had just climbed--near the University of Utah.

After picking up Rachel, we headed North to Park City-- the ski mecca of Utah. Of course, skiing wasn't really going on while we were there, although snow was in the forecast. We were much more interested in gabbing and cruising the town--and what a cute town it is!! The "Main Street" had art galleries, restaurants, shops and outrageously expensive pet clothing stores; needless to say--we were in heaven!

Rachel & Di hanging out on the lift chair

Main Street

Absurdly long staircases which have got to be damn near impossible to climb in the snow

One of 3 enormous resident Park City dogs at the doggie boutique

Rachel scoping out some night spots for when Jean meets up with us.

We drove back to Salt Lake to pick up Jean (only 30 minutes away) and then back to Park City to have some dinner and start our reunion! We ate at what we heard is THE hangout during the ski season: The No Name Saloon. The food was awesome and while we were outnumbered by like 75 to 3 in a men to women ratio-- we had plenty of time for ourselves to visit and laugh before stopping off at Lindzee O'Michaels Mixologists (see above pic) for $2 Ladies Night. Did I mention that driving is not necessary in Park City. Everything is within walking distance to the hotels!

At the No Name Saloon we got our first taste of Polygamy Porter: Why have just one?

Relaxing at Mixologists. The place had some interesting people... & I don't mean just us!!

Rachel dancing to, what else? The Beastie Boys! Its as if the Girls Trip Reunion Gods were smiling on us!!!

to be continued...


  1. SeattleGrl said...

    Utah is beautiful and yes, the hybrid is suspicious until you put gas in it and get 550 miles on 10.00 worth of gas. Looks like a fun and beautiful vacation...  

  2. Di and Tom said...

    Hey Ang-- it was so fun!! Thanks for reading! :) More to come...
    Have you decided to start up your blog again? I know zero about Texas and would like to learn...  

  3. Captain Key said...

    Great blog! I feel as if I was back there again! :)