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Hey everyone! Happy weekend!

Attached to the right under the 'OTHER SITES WE LIKE' area is a link to a little video (hosted on YouTube) that we created highlighting our trip to Belize. There is music so be sure and have your sound on and up. You don't need a log in or anything to view it, just click title: our belize movie

The pictures are random for the most part and this is my first imovie on my mac so it may seem a bit rough (some of the resolutions of the pics are not that great, I still need to play around with formatting and stuff), but I will keep practicing. (by the way all of you pc people... this was SO easy to do and so fun. I bet you want a mac now).
I can send the movie to you on a dvd too--its much clearer than on youtube, so if you want one, let me know.

Not much else has been happening to warrant a blog entry. Tom flies out tomorrow evening for a work road-trip to Virginia, North Carolina and I think South Carolina. I am finally feeling caught up at work after being out and am planning a trip into the city this week just to wander. I can't wait---seems like I haven't been there in a while. Its supposed to be sunny most of the week (maybe chance of snow) but cold--in the 30's. Much different from the unseasonably warm weather we have been having.

We are already getting the itch to go away again somewhere. Gretchen, Merry and I are already narrowing the list down for next Christmas, but that will NOT be soon enough! :-)


  1. cortney said...

    congrats on producing your first mac movie!! the music rocks...and i love the underwater pics - especially when you're petting the reef sharks!

    (i just want to know... can we get a close up picture of the ring?!)


  2. Lauren said...

    LOVED the video. The music was great. It make even the shanties look nice:)  

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