city day

Yesterday I took the afternoon off and went into the city. It was cold! but the sun felt so good and soon I was happy I had just worn my wool sweater and kept the jacket at home. This was my first visit since the holidays and it was no less busy. In fact, the Green Market (produce) at Union Square was packed! The sun brings people out!!

My goal was to get to Battery Park (by the Statue of Liberty and site of the WTC) by foot which is pretty far away from the train station, but not a real difficult walk. The problem though, is that I get sidetracked as I walk taking pics or stopping at parks or shopping. I managed to get pretty far, but when the sun started to go down I figured it'd be getting even colder (it did) so I headed back. As always it was a great day! I saw a music video being shot on Broadway in Soho, but I can't tell you the artist as the genre is one I am not super familiar with--- gangsta rap. However, I did get to witness a really nice red sports car being prepped for the camera with a model woman in the passenger seat and in the drivers seat, a thug-worthy guy that could have been 50 cent. Thats right, we'll just say I saw a 50 cent video get shot. Pass it on.
(Oh I also forgot to mention that Tom and I saw the tv chef Rachel Ray in the city just before Christmas. Its safe to say I am very disappointed that my only star sightings thus far have been her and 50).

I also checked out the campus of NYU a bit closer as I am registering for a writing class there to begin in June. It is in Greenwich Village (I attached a map so you can look at some of these areas I mention if you are unfamiliar). I am really excited for the class! There is something comforting about taking a class you want to take and not one that your degree depends on!! The campus there is not like a normal "campus". There are multiple buildings on a cluster of streets that surround Washington Square Park. Definelty a college in the middle of the city--but once I got my bearings on the buildings and their location to the subway and park, it seemed a bit more familiar.

This weekend we are venturing out for some sight seeing in the tri-state area so i will be sure to post pics then. Tom is home for a bit... but has to go to Puerto Rico for 2 days next week (no, i can't go. sigh. :-( and then denver the next week). This month he has pretty much been gone more than home. He was able to rearrange his meeting this week though so he got to come home early! That was great!

*pics are union square with a very blue sky and the map for reference.

Have a great Thursday!