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hello! we made it home in one piece and were greeted by a 68 degree day today! What a nice homecoming! I felt Belize-ish when I took the dogs for a walk in my flip flops, jeans and a t-shirt! Tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice. Its always good to come home, but hard to go back to work...

Since we won't be traveling anywhere too interesting in the next few months and you find you still want to read about a far away place, check out my cousin Ryan's blog (to the right of this post in the "other sites we like" section. longwalkhome).
He and his wife Katrin are headed to Vietnam for 3 weeks and undoubtedly will have many interesting things happen to them--as they often do. Ryan's trips make me want to travel even more.

Attached are some pics from Belize. Tom and I at Caye Caulker and in front of some sort of rasta bob marley taco stand that was closed. Another is of Doug, Gretchen and Tom in front of our FAVORITE taco stand on the island. 3 taco's for .50 US. What a deal. Of course you need 6 or so to curb your hunger, but thats still only a buck!
Tom is standing in front of what I am guessing is an out of service boat on the island but still with the Jesus statue intact as the main navigator. There is a pic of me petting the nurse sharks and then Tom in the street during rush hour in San Pedro. :-)
More pics are in the Belize folder under photos and I will keep adding them.


  1. Cortney said...

    Happy New Year! And Congrats on the engagement! Write me with the details...

    Love ya,

  2. Kristen said...

    Congrats on your engagement!  

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