Last night Tom and I headed into the city to meet some friends for dinner and a show. We met our friends Caroline and Andy at Uncle Jack's NY Steakhouse in midtown. The minute we walked in I loved it! It had a warm yet sophisticated atmosphere and the wine glasses seemed to never be empty (ugh. needless to say I am a bit more sluggish than normal this am). After dinner we walked to the latest Cirque du Soleil show at Madison Square Garden. The show was called Wintuk and it was about a boys quest for snow. (Sounds a bit lame I know, but that is the description on the program!) As with all Cirque shows, there are some amazing feats of acrobatics and demonstrations of super human flexibility---but also like all of them, it was odd.
Now we consider ourselves fairly cultured--open to a wide variety of theatre etc, but about halfway through the show Tom and I looked at each other and well, no words were needed. You just have to wonder what kind of artificial stimulation the creators of this were on when writing the show. :-)The end of the show made up for any weirdness... it dumped snow in the auditorium! We were covered and it was just a great feeling! Everyone in the audience was smiling and laughing as if we were kids playing in real snow. Very neat.

After the show we went to Stout for a couple drinks. Not much talking went on there---the music was SO loud. We felt old for even thinking that, but its true.
We had a great time with our friends though and of course---anytime we can get into the city its a good day.

Today Tom is going to brave the malls. Apparently he still has some shopping to do... brave.
I too may attempt the mall, but not for necessity---just for the thrill of it! :-)

Tomorrow we are celebrating "our" Christmas! 3 days until Belize!


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