first family visitor!

Well, its official- the first family member to visit us in New Jersey is Tom's older brother Fred. He flew into NY last night for a meeting today and then is flying back to Texas. Time was short so we met him halfway. He didn't see the house, which Tom holds against him a bit in his "first family visitor" title... but I understand and we were just glad to see him! He should be up here again for work so its only a matter of time before the dogs meet Uncle Fred. Hopefully the whole family will come up this summer!

We (Tom) also decided that we should paint the kitchen on Sunday. He assured me "Honey, it will only take a couple hours". We started around noon and around 11 pm we wrapped up. Longest couple hours ever. We are happy with the color but feel it wasn't one of our better paint jobs. We need to do some touch up.
One thing is for sure: I can honestly say, without a doubt, that this was our (my) last paint job EVER. After doing the entire house in Seattle (and then moving)and then this kitchen--we are done. We have alraedy found a guy to do our bedroom.

Tom heads to Virginia tomorrow and flies home Thurs night.
We are keeping pretty busy this week and year end is always a bunch of work for Diana with last minute deals and contracts. Its beautiful out today-- 100% sun but cold. Our backyard looks like a pond thats been iced over. The dogs don't really like heading out there much. Today poor Frank walked gingerly through the ice yard to find the "perfect spot" but then sadly lost his footing and ice-skated about 7' before falling and sliding on his side another 10 into the woods. He didn't have far to fall--thats the one good thing, and he recovered fine. :-)

*pics: tom and fred at dinner, tom painting the kitchen


  1. Kristen said...

    I wish I could have gone, too!