BIG news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are engaged! I can't express how happy I feel! Tom surprised me during "our" Christmas on the 23rd when we opened presents. He spoiled me completely so i didn't expect anything more than what I had already opened... but he told me he had one last thing that may match the earrings he bought me. He pulled out the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen and I immediately started to cry. It was a very private, very touching moment for both of us actually and one I will never forget. Of course, I said yes!!!!! My ring is gorgeous. Tom spent several sessions with the jeweler designing and re-designing the ring. For a wedding band we are still deciding what we'll do. We don't have a date set yet and that is fine for us. We plan on having a very quiet ceremony some place tropical but for now, we want to enjoy being engaged for a while :-)

We had a great time opening all of the gifts our families had sent. Thank you everyone!

Christmas Eve for us was also fairly quiet which was great. It was a beautiful sunny day, had a nice dinner at home and then finished up packing for Belize.

Today, Merry Christmas by the way, we flew out of New York at 6 am to Belize with a layover in Miami.
Miami and American Airlines are the newest members on our black list since our bags are missing. Yes--all 3 bags, didn't show in Belize. We were one of many people in the same predicament off of our flight. Since we had to catch the final leg of the flight on tiny Maya Air to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye (pronounced 'key') we had no choice but to leave without our luggage. We remained positive and realistic--I mean, this is Belize, right? To give you an idea, most of the roads on Ambergris are still dirt (those of you who know me best know that I love it authentic and non-touristy, so that dirt road comment is totally not a complaint)! But needless to say we are a bit frustrated. Its hot here, we have no change of clothes, no toiletries, NO SWIM SUIT OR DIVE GEAR!!!!!! Worst of all--- American doesn't know where the bags are. A tracer was put on them, but as of tonight-still nothing. The $50 credit American offers to refund us for replacing all of our essentials covers at most toothpaste and shampoo here. We got Tom some shorts and both of us flip flops (luckily I wore capris on the plane) but we are not too happy right now. We have made the best of it though and tomorrow is a new day and I am sure the luggage will show up!! So tonight, after having some Belize beer and some tasty seafood, we are having a quiet evening inside of our very cute and quaint authentic Belize hotel listening to the palm trees blow, the ocean that is just outside our window and the Caribbean Holiday music that is blaring, just as it should in Central America on Christmas night, in the streets below. We will tackle this beautiful island --and our lost luggage tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed and your thoughts positive for our luggage... :-)

I have tons of pics to post, but am having issues somewhat with the wi-fi (yep--Belize has wi-fi and it works about 80% of the time).


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