farewell friends

Hello everyone! After much thought we have decided to follow in the path of Seinfeld, Lost, and other great things that have opted to quit while they are ahead; so friends, this will be our final post.

This blog has been a wonderful experience for us! From its beginnings as just a site for family & friends to keep up on our life on the East Coast to what it has morphed into-- a launching pad for Diana's travel writing as well as a site that boasts followers from all over the world (Seriously! I'm talking Russia even. We hardly believe it either)-it has been a lot of fun!

Thank-you VERY much to all of our followers and supporters that often told us how much they loved the blog.
Next time you find yourself surfing the web and have an inkling to read about travel, New York, Mexico, Europe, the beach, New Zealand or really anywhere, come and visit Diana at Travel. Write. Repeat.

So, until we meet again in the world wide web, today we say for the final time, goodbye and thanks for reading.

Be well,

Tom & Diana


  1. Lauren & Caitlin said...

    WHAT?!!! Honestly though, I was having the same thoughts this AM about our blog. Have a hard time finding the time & then feel guilty when I don't have the time. Do I really need that guilt? I wasn't even raised Catholic! I think the only thing that keeps me doing it is the girls & knowing that they may like to read it someday (aka...take it over). But really, will I be able to keep it going that long? I do hope to get emails & updates still though. We will miss the blog!!!  

  2. Captain Key said...

    Ummm... unacceptable.  

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